The Anchorage Lifestyle Resort is set alongside the harbour in Hervey Bay, opposite the Great Sandy Straits. Coastal living has never been so easy. Between the warm community, the stunning views and the modern homes, there’s so much to love about this picturesque location.


Hervey Bay

Hervey Bay is well known for its whale watching tours between July and November. A day out on the boat watching and learning about these magnificent creatures is the perfect way to spend time with visiting family.

Great Sandy Straits

The Anchorage Lifestyle Resort is located opposite the Great Sandy Straits - a section of crystal clear water, white sandy beaches and creeks with beautiful flora and fauna. This slice of magic is found between the mainland and Fraser Island and is easily accessible from the Lifestyle Resort. With tours available or the option to take your own vessel, these areas are a fantastic way to spend a sunny day among nature.

A fisherman's paradise

Hervey Bay is without a doubt a fisherman’s paradise. Some of the varieties known to the area include; whiting, marlin, barramundi, flathead and threadfin salmon, plus prawns and mud crabs. A day out on the boat on these stunning clear waters with diverse sea life is wonderfully peaceful and if you’re lucky, quite fruitful!

Local food & dining

Hervey Bay is renowned for its local food and dining, particularly for its seafood. However, if you’re not one for fish, that’s no trouble. This city is home to a range of restaurants with cuisines from all over the world. Add to that, there’s a range of bars and cafes to be enjoyed with stunning views of the marina and Fraser Island.


The Anchorage Lifestyle Resort

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